Wanna Be That Song...Brett Eldridge



I love my husband. I am crazy, this I know.  Friday was not a good day, in fact the last few days have been shitty and to top it off I've been spiraling...big time.



Can't even remember what triggered the afternoon meltdown, maybe the stress of buying a new vehicle.  Yeah, on a whim....On a whim and without hubby's knowledge. 


So anyway, in the midst of my meltdown I call him, upset and crying.  It actually took a couple of attempts to get a hold of him.  Once I did though I felt such a relief.  I immediately start crying and my rave begins.  I start with the UHaul and keep going.....of course at hearing everything minus the big bed and big tv is in a UHaul sitting in a hotel parking lot sets him off...



Him: Wait, wait, what? You did what?


I don't stop to repeat that part, I keep going....believe me, I did plenty of shit in a very short time here.  I'm continuing, I mention my friend, a guy...


Him: Sara, I'm taking the next flight out and when I get there I'm going to fkn beat you and I don't mean that in a good way.


I still go on....I end with I've bought a vehicle.


Him: Are you for real? We just bought something, what the hell are you thinking? What the fuck! And tell me about the UHaul again.  This is absolutely insane!


We are silent, completely silent for maybe five minutes.  I was all cried out by then.  We begin talking, step by step with everything that had occured.  He had choice words as of course one might expect.  When it came to the vehicle...a '15 silver Jeep....he said it was impractical.  Impractical says the man with a sexy two seater, I mentioned that.  He said his vehicle is for work and our date nights.  Well, I told him, now we have a choice of vehicles for date nights.  Not sure why he thinks it's impractical, it is a 4 door, it has a back seat.  Anyway he told me not to get attached to it that upon his return we're getting rid of it.  We'll see.



Next he said he was calling my dad to go pick up the UHaul and to keep an eye on me.  He asked that I not go to the concert, I did go....he knows that I went.  Anyway, by the time we hung up that day we were somewhat ok.  



After we hung up I called up my (ob) doctor and asked that he go ahead and prescribe the two psych meds that he assured me were safe for me to take during my pregnancy....I'm finally ready to concede that I can't be unmedicated too much longer....I'm spiraling and have continuous meltdowns.  Of course avoiding that trigger would help tremendously.  I started the meds today, the pharmacist said I'd probably notice a difference in about seven days....Let's hope.


Yesterday I drove to Dallas (and back) to drop off my friend.  I used the Jeep....I can so get used to it, it like glides....even at fast speeds :):) I'm going to suggest he get rid of the two seater and keep this instead.  


He called today to let me know what he's arriving tomorrow.  I can hardly wait 💛😍💛

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