Today is our one month anniversary, it went by pretty fast too.  A couple of bumps here and there, but overall, all is well.  


I have 170 days left before delivery.  Hopefully she'll decide to make her debut later than the 12th.  For minimal class disruption I need to deliver between the 18th-21st.  Yes, I know I have no say in it.  Under normal circumstances they'd be inducing labor and she'd be arriving 7-10 days before due date.  The doctor is none too happy that I'm not being induced, of course, it's inconvenient for him to be on call for me.  I guess she'll arrive when she arrives and if it's not the days I prefer, we'll deal with it.  


Without realizing it I've gone a bit over 30 days with no liqour!! Yay me! I know I had a couple of meltdowns and needed a drink, but I managed to do without.  I'm pretty sure I've got this. :):):)  I know Richard's off the next four weeks, so that should make my sobriety longer and of course the longer I don't drink, the easier it gets.  In July his daughter will be staying with us, so....that'll keep me busy (mind occupied).


I still have the Jeep. He keeps telling me not to get too comfortable with it because we're returning it.  Ok, whatever, he's been back almost four days and I'm still driving it.  Granted two of those days we were up in Dallas picking up the big bed and big TV, but still if he really wanted to take it back he'd have done so.  In the meantime, I've named her AND I ordered sideboards for it.  I expect to take it in tomorrow to have them installed.  It's fine now without them, I can jump in and out, but in five months...I'll probably not be jumping comfortably.


On Monday when I went to pick him up from the airport, I drove it down there.  We were going to stop to eat some place....instead, we had sex....yeah in the Jeep 💛💛💛.  Afterwards I let him drive it back on up to my brother's place.  He does think it's a smooth drive.  By the time we arrived at bro's my sister in law had dinner ready.  I do know that over dinner he asked the bro if he might be interested in taking over payments.  Now how is my brother going to be paying on my vehicle?? lol 


The following day the bro lent us his pick up to go get the bed and tv.  We ended up staying the night.  Before going to bed we went off to pick up food.  I made him take a detour, we had sex.  After, instead of driving thru some place we got off and ate in.........we had to wash up, we killed two birds with one stone 💛💛💛.  I did mention that it seemed since I wasn't drinking my sex drive had increased.....he said it must be the addicting part of my personality, I gave up one addiction for another.  (wtf!!) He said maybe next time I'm at the doc's I can ask if there is a safe med to take to help with the OCD.  Ohhhh, not good.  I told him most guys wouldn't be complaining....he said he's not complaining, but his age.....I reminded him he's 42 (isn't that prime for a guy??) 42 and not 62! 


I'm ok.  Very ok

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Comments (2)

  1. Bettymom

    Take it from one who remembers 62 – it’s pretty good then, too!!

    May 25, 2017
    1. sara4ever

      LOL yeah, I imagine at this rate when he’s 62 I’ll be saying, “Richard, get with it, you’re 62! Not 82!!!” lol Sex makes the world go around.

      May 26, 2017