Saturday Night Fever


I can't even remember when the last time was that I bought the Devil woman a mother's day gift.  It's been many, many years.  I do remember the last birthday she received something from me was when my sisters and I took her to a Frampton concert, it happened to be on her actual bday.  Anyway....


Saturday Night Fever is an old favorite of hers.  I know this because I (along with my siblings) was subjected to this movie from the time I was five.  Not sure why my mother thought this movie was appropriate for us, but apparently she did and we saw it numerous times.  I can probably recite most of the damn thing.  As I got older I got to where I loved John Travolta and at some point I fell in love with the music of the BeeGees.  


A few weeks ago, maybe longer, there was a BeeGees salute or tribute, John Travolta hosting.  I loved it.  Saturday Night Fever was 40, wow.  I decided then I was going to buy the 40th anniversary dvd for the Devil.  I realized that doing this might end in disaster, I hate doing nice things for anybody and in turn to be told shit.  So a bit before mother's day I went to Amazon looking for it.  I didn't find it, I find it hard to believe that an anniversary edition wasn't out.  I bought two copies of the movie, a director's cut and an original (or basic copy) which was a lot more than the director's cut.  I thought to add the movies soundtrack too.  You know how Amazon has that.....'customers (or is it people??) who ordered this bought that'.....or whatever the fk, well....Urban Cowboy was there.....So, I ordered that too.  The day after ordering all that I decided Urban Cowboy soundtrack should have been ordered as well, so I did.


We were in town that wknd so it was my plan to deliver them in person.  I must have been in a particular good mood because I bought flowers too.....Ok, only two roses in a, I know, but she is the Devil and I had already spent more than she deserved....I didn't wrap the dvds and cds, I just tied them with a ribbon, it looked nice enough.  I went alone to give them to her.  She was at the hospital.


When I got to her floor she was at the nurses station.  I suddenly felt stupid, because I hate her and I knew I was seconds away from regretting doing anything nice.  She saw me, I said hi and told her I had something for her as I handed it all to her.  She just said Wow as she looked at them and untied the ribbon.  I was very careful not to use the words, Mother's Day.  She said it was sweet of me to remember her.  I thought I detected sarcasm which I didn't appreciate....


Me: Well I can be nice, I'm not always a bitch.

Devil: No, just most of the time.

Me: Yeah, well years of living with you, I learned it from the best.

(There was silence, she's reading the back of one of the movies)

Me: Had I paid more attention to you I would be a full blown cunt like you.  Have a good day, Devil woman.


With that I turn to walk away.


Devil: Sara.


I don't even bother to turn around nor reply.


Devil (louder): Sara! Sara, thanks for the gifts, I did like them.


I go back to where she is...


Me: Enjoy it, cuz it's not going to happen again anytime soon.  Have a good day.


Devil: You too, Sara.  Thx for thinking of me.


I shot her the finger.  I hate this bitch, I hate it even more when she acts like she cares.  I hate when I regret being nice.  I hate that this bitch has the power to hurt me, still.

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