Friday, FB and Appts.

So it looks as if Richard and I are doomed to become that annoying couple that share a Facebook account.  It doesn't bother me, I don't really mess with FB.  Most of my 'friends' are related to me somehow, and the remainder are former classmates, either from highschool or college.  Of the 77 I probably only communicate with 15-20, and not even on a daily basis.  Most annoy me.  I don't know how it'll work, if I get added to his account or a whole new one must be created.  Richard has 382 'friends'...why would one even have that many?? I know that out of that 382 he only has contact (via fb that is) with maybe 35-40.  A lot of his 'friends' aren't even actual people, but more like group pages.


I'm not sure why we couldn't share passwords, it would have been just as effective.  With a joint account I'm going to say only a dozen 'friends' are making the cut to the new account.  I assume, plus my family since he seems to be buddies with them all....well, all but the Ohio sister who actually unfriended me weeks if being unfriended by her (or anybody else for that matter) bothers me...Adios idiots.


I think a joint email account isn't too far off.  No problem there either. For me anyway, cuz in that regard the five who now have my addy will have that one as well.  Like it or not.


In other news, I have an ob appointment today.  So far I've gained no weight, though after last weeks beach trip I'm told I'm showing somewhat.  I don't see it, but had I thought I was starting to show I'd not have opted for a tankini.  Though I suppose that would have been the best choice to conceal the barely there  bump.  I think I haven't gained because of the morning sickness. My first visit had me at 127, which is pretty normal, two weeks later I weighed 125, again, morning sickness I'm sure.  I am 16 weeks and 5 days.  Time flies....he asked about names. Um, we're not jinxing anything by choosing names this early, not even discussing it.  I only found out it was a girl as early as I did because of a procedure I had done.  If it hadnt been for that I think it would be at today's appointment we'd be finding out.  I actually jave a name in mind, but I won't speak it until later.


Tomorrow we head to Seattle...the following week we can start with the move in.


I think my meds are helping.  Think.  I'm not spiraling nor having mood swings.  My brother annoys me still though.  Oh well.

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