Later this morning we are heading to the coast.  I guess whenever Jeremy & Jennie arrive we'll head out.  I'm determined to keep driving the Jeep.  It didn't make sense for everybody to drive in their own vehicle.  I suggested all the women would drive with me and the guys and boys in the SUV.  My usual stick up her ass sister in law agreed with me, so thats how it's happening.


Come 8am I'll drop the jeep off to have the side boards installed and while that's happening the sister in law and I will run to the store to shop for bathing suits and trunks for the big guy and the boys.  We all have some, but they're packed away.  My brother let us use his garage for storage so that we could turn in (finally) the UHaul.


I'm not even sure which beach we're headed to.  Richard said if he can get rooms in Port Aransas that's where we'd be.  Port Aransas is kinda crappy....but hey, nobody asked me so I'll shut up and have fun anyway.  (Can we say Padre Island? js) Doesn't matter, we will add 'on the beach' to our list of places we've had sex.  He doesn't know that of course...but we will.


Scott declined to have Will this weekend.  I told him I'd meet him halfway last night and he said it was ok, but to take him to the beach instead, he'd have more fun.  I didn't like that, I mean sure I'd rather he be at the beach with us, but at the same time.......whatever, fk him.  


I was sick last night, I seem to be ok now.

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  1. Bettymom

    Glad you’re okay. It’s no fun to be sick at the beach – or anywhere else!

    May 26, 2017