A Beard

When Richard returned from Costa Rica last week he told me he'd be off for four weeks. So since that was the case, sometime last week I suggested he give up shaving and let his beard grow.  He agreed to that but said once he returns to work he'd have to shave, I asked why that was, because by then the beard should be long enough to groom it nicely. (Right?) He said in his line of work it's a proven fact that clients do not trusted bearded guys with thier money. Well, yeah, if he's going to go into work looking like he just walked off the Duck Dynasty set. I've seen plenty of suited guys that have beards.  He said that's just the way it was, he wasn't going to sport a beard at work.  Ok, fine.


So it's coming along nicely. It's still on the short side.  I looked up beards because there is this actor, or maybe musician who has a beard that I really love. It's a full beard and maybe like two or three inches long, it's also like squared off.  It's nice.  Since this site doens't allow pictures posted I'll post it later in the comment section.  The beard I'm talking about is called 'Garibaldi'.  I didn't even realize that beard styles had names. While we were on the coast I think it was my bro that asked what the beard was all about, if he was just skipping with the shaves since he was off work or what.  Richard told him that I asked him to grow one while he was off, he told the bro that he was going to let it grow 'til then.  My brother and Jeremy both laughed...


"You better watch it, next thing you know Sara will want you to grow your hair out to wear it in a man bun!"


More laughter.


"Better a man bun than man boobs brother."


Nothing wrong with a man bun.


I got my phone out and showed them a picture of this beard style I wanted Richard to do. Richard said that that kind of beard didn't happen in four weeks.  After I have the baby in November, he's taking Family leave for six months, he promised me he'd grow it out during that time.  He told the guys he'd probably let his hair grow out too.  I don't think he has the head shape for long hair, but I guess we'll see.

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Comments (5)

  1. sara4ever

    May 30, 2017
  2. sara4ever

    The Garibaldi is on the bottom row, second from left.

    May 30, 2017
  3. Nightbane

    Too much scar tissue and non – favourable genetics to grow a proper one but would go with closed trimmed full beard in Winter if I could.

    June 02, 2017
    1. sara4ever

      Im not liking tbe beard, lol. But of course I won’t mention it. His beard is not blond… 😝

      June 02, 2017
      1. Nightbane

        Perhaps you should mention it in the name of honesty. Some blokes should NOT attempt beards. All should be aware beards can be …erm…. uncomfortable to their ladies , especially while still growing through the stubble stage. Fade it, stubble is no less hard than is 80 grit on tender skin.

        June 02, 2017